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Faber, Joshua
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Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Program Faculty - PhD Program in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology (AST)


  • Ph.D. in Physics
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology


RIT professor Joshua Faber received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has spent over a decade researching topics in numerical relativity, particularly the dynamics of compact object binaries. He is also interested in open source code development, and has served as a contributor for the Einstein Toolkit, a large, freely available code for performing a wide variety of general relativistic simulations.  He is currently the Primary Investigator for RIT's Research Experience for Undergraduates program in Multimessenger Astrophysics, which brings eight students from across the country to campus over the summer to perform research with mentors from the astrophysics program, funded by the National Science Foundation.  His current research interests include high-performance computing, relativistic magnetohydrodynamics, the construction of initial data in general relativity, and the simulation of hydrodynamical compact object binary mergers.