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  • Baikal

    • new thorn that solves Einstein's equations, using the BSSN 3+1 formalism, in Cartesian coordinates.

    • makes extensive use of the Python and SymPy-based NRPy+ code generation infrastructure available on GitHub, which aims to provide a completely free, open-source means for converting expressions in Einstein-like tensorial notation into highly optimized C-code kernels.

    • implements most common (highly robust) options for numerical relativity GRHD and GRMHD simulations

      • moving-puncture gauge conditions (1+log lapse and Gamma-driving shift condition) enabled by default.

      • options of 2nd or 4th order finite-difference kernels, Kreiss-Oliger dissipation enabled by default via tunable parameter

    • validated to agree with ML_BSSN in case of BNS evolutions

  • BaikalVacuum

    • version of Baikal optimized for vacuum (e.g., black hole and binary black hole) spacetimes
The Einstein Toolkit Team
Zachariah Etienne
Short Description
A spacetime evolution code using NRPy+ for code generation