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Evolutions of unequal mass, highly spinning black hole binaries
By James Healy, Carlos O. Lousto, Ian Ruchlin, Yosef Zlochower
Published in Physical Review D 97, 104026 (Wednesday, November 22, 2017)


We evolve a binary black hole system bearing a mass ratio of q=m1/m2=2/3 and individual spins of Sz1/m21=0.95 and Sz2/m22=−0.95 in a configuration where the large black hole has its spin antialigned with the orbital angular momentum, Lz, and the small black hole has its spin aligned with Lz. This configuration was chosen to measure the maximum recoil of the remnant black hole for nonprecessing binaries. We find that the remnant black hole recoils at 500km/s, the largest recorded value from numerical simulations for aligned spin configurations. The remnant mass, spin, and gravitational waveform peak luminosity and frequency also provide a valuable point in parameter space for source modeling.