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TCAN Meeting 2021: BNS/BH-NS Merger Workshop
Posted on 07/06/2021

The Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Network (TCAN) will be convening on July 12-16  to discuss the cutting edge science regarding binary neutron star and neutron star-black hole mergers. 


The group is meeting over Zoom and includes more than thirty participants on three continents. Every aspect will be discussed, from the space time as the objects begin to inspiral, to the nucleosynthesis in the ejecta. These binaries are very complex natural phenomena that require supercomputers and large teams to simulate. They produce both gravitational and electromagnetic radiation and are the source of many heavier elements, such as gold. It will be a week full of new scientific questions such as the nature of the magnetic fields and accretion disks.


This meeting is being hosted by the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation (ccrg.rit.edu), a research center of excellence that focuses on computational astrophysics. CCRG leads a TCAN of scientists funded by NASA (compact-binaries.org). Information about the workshop is available on the Compact Binaries website.